Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fantastic Book Awards - Lancashire

My Haunted House by Angie Sage
Oranges in No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Laird
Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire by Andy Stanton
Spy Dog 2 by Andrew Cope
Lexi by L.S. Matthews

The lucky authors have received a uniquely engraved fountain pen AND a very special letter written by one of the schools that voted them a winner! The winners were over the moon! This is what they said:

Andrew Cope said “You’ve put a huge grin on my face!”
Elizabeth Laird said, “Here’s a big huge massive enormous colossal gigantic thank you to all of you!”
Andy Stanton was chuffed with his pen & said, “ I have started writing the next ‘Mr Gum’ book with it. It’s my lucky pen!”


Lau said...

I just spotted this - and I'd just like to say I also expressed my delight, thanks and appreciation to the children who took part and the people who organised it. Such a nice surprise - and a great prize, as I can never seem to lay my hands on a pen in my house...

Lau said...

Sorry - might be helpful if I add "Lau" is L. S. Matthews, one of the lucky authors!