Thursday, July 16, 2009

Visiting Schools - new perils

Children's Authors heading the front page of The Independent today, whatever next.

When putting the various news blogs in I keep clear of comment but this seems so very stupid I can't resist. I can't imagine why a Labour Government should be contemplating this, or indeed any Government. Surely the very simple solution is that whenever anyone visits a school to speak a paid member of the school staff should be present at all times.

I was sorry to read that the new Children's Laureate, Anthony Browne and another good children's author, Gillian Cross should fail to see the slippery slope this ruling would begin.

Where would the vetting stop? What about those booksellers taking books into schools? What about parents taking games after school? The list is endless. In fact the logical conclusion is for everyone in the country to be vetted ...1984 here we come quarter of a century on.

Enid Stephenson in her personal capacity and not speaking for anyone else at Carousel as I haven't spoken to them!

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Nicola Morgan said...

Oh gosh, I SO agree! I'm incensed about this and have been trying to complain but the ISA or whatever they're called haven't been returning my emails. I am joining with the others who are refusing to do school visits if this ruling is enforced. It's ludicrous and helps no one. Authors are never allowed to be alone with the kids anyway, otherwise our insurance is invalid. Grrrrrrr.