Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Fantastic Bookshop

Salts Mill, Saltaire just outside Bradford is one of those places that never disappoints. Saltaire itself is a wonderful place and the Mill contains the most incredible number of David Hockney's work plus on the top floor some of his stage sets. And on the first floor there is this terrific bookshop. The vast majority of the books are not on shelves but on enormous mill tables, and it is almost impossible to leave without buying a book or two. For those interested in children's picture books the selection would put most shops to shame - and they are lucky enough to have sufficient space to show them properly. And then when you have finished looking and buying you can have an excellent lunch just beyond the bookshop, but on the same floor. There is a lift for those who find stairs difficult. And on the raised ground floor a good assortment of art books and materials surrounded by the most glorious array of vases and of course Hockneys. Further up the building there is a fish restaurant, and other extremely stylish shops. A real treat.

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