Sunday, June 12, 2011

Writing the World

Polka Theatre is delighted to announce the winners of their annual story-writing competition for children of primary school age. Inviting children to write short stories inspired by a different country each year, the winners of this popular competition will have their stories performed on Polka’s Main Stage at the Writing the World Festival on Saturday 9 July 2011.

This year, young writers looked to Brazil to inspire their creativity alongside children’s author Marcus Sedgwick. Marcus supported the competition by blogging on Polka’s website about the writing process and offering some top tips for applicants. He also wrote his own story; Charlie, which is inspired by Brazil and available for all to read for free on Polka’s website.

With a prolific career in young adult fiction and the author of The Raven Mysteries, Polka were delighted to have Marcus’s support who was equally pleased to be part of the scheme:
‘Writing the World is such a great idea. How better to get us all thinking about parts of the world we know less about, than to explore them through story writing?’ Marcus Sedgwick

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