Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Salvatore Rubbino

Salvatore Rubbino's work has often received compliments in Carousel, most recently in the article looking at books about London. Now you can buy original artwork from his latest book "Just Ducks!" written by Nicola Davies and published by Walker this month.
You can see a range of them at www.childrensbookillustration.com . The top picture shown is original published artwork "They're STILL eating when I cross the bridge to go to school" Watercolour, gouache and white acrylic paint. 590mmx420mm £595. The second "Just Ducks!" is original unpublished artwork. Watercolour and gouache. 310mmx360mm £345. Any queries please contact Linda Owen-Lloyd at linda@childrensbookillustration.com

In 2011 Salvatore was judged one of the country's top ten new illustrators in the Booktrust Best New Illustrators Award.

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