Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Seven Stories - The National Centre for Children's Books!

Seven Stories has been given approval by Arts Council England to be formally recognised as the National Centre for Children’s Books. 

Seven Stories has gained this status in recognition of the national significance of our work to protect and celebrate children’s literature. It recognises that we hold and are building a collection of national significance and international interest, that we provide excellent engagement, learning opportunities through our exhibitions, displays, events and learning programmes, and through the expertise that we provide to researchers, other museums, galleries and collections. 
Through our National status we will endeavour to meet the expectations and responsibilities that it brings us, playing a leading role in saving, celebrating and sharing our nation’s rich literary heritage for children. It does not bring additional funding, so support from our friends that helps us to continue to give children’s literature a National home, bringing it to life for thousands of children, will be important in the years to come.

Our current fundraising challenge aims to raise funds to support the 3 As that are central to our work: 

A is for acquisitions

In order to grow our extraordinary Collection, so that it represents the best of British children’s literature and saves archives that are in danger of being lost to our nation’s heritage, we need to build our acquisitions fund.

A is for access
We want our Collection to inspire children, young people and future generations to love reading and to realise their own creative potential. Our exhibitions and learning programmes inspire and excite children about books and reading – we want to reach more children, especially those who are disadvantaged or who have special educational needs.  

A is for achievement 

We want to invest in our learning services so that we can meet the needs of more schools and help to bridge the aspiration gap that still persists in many parts of our region. 

Our goal is to raise at least £160,000 over the next two years.  Every £ we raise will be matched £ for £ through an Arts Council England grant scheme that is helping us, and organisations like us, to raise more funding from philanthropy. In other words every £ we raise will be doubled through this grant.

If you are able to help us to develop our Collection, to take advantage of the matched funding opportunity or to help us to build our funds in any other way, please let me know or contact
Kate Edwards
Chief Executive

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