Thursday, October 10, 2013

News from IBBY on the death of Robert Leeson

You will be sad to hear of the death of Robert Leeson, one of the leading children’s writers and children’s literature critics of the late twentieth century.
Alongside a considerable body of writing for children, Bob Leeson was pre-eminent among those writers, critics and campaigners who brought a social awareness to children’s literature, making it responsive to a more diverse society. His influential Reading and Righting (1985) argued for a children’s literature that was inclusive and committed to social equality.
Bob Leeson was also a great and active supporter of IBBY, serving on the IBBY UK Committee for many years in a number of roles. Following his retirement from the Committee, he was one of our select band of honorary members.
I will be sending condolences to Bob’s widow, Gunvor, and his family, on behalf of us all.
Best Wishes,
Clive Barnes (Chair of IBBY UK)

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