Saturday, July 02, 2016

DK findout! Series

What do you want to find out?
***New children’s series from the creators of the DKfindout! website***
Publication Date: 1st July 2016       Price: £5.99 each
In January 2015 DK launched DKfindout! - a global education website for children, parents and teachers that brought DK’s distinctive visual approach to the internet.  The website saw over 400,000 sessions in May this year and this number continues to grow rapidly. Due to the website’s rich content, engaging visuals and core educational information, the site has seen 1.7 million sessions this year alone, with close to 2 million users, and more than 11.4 million page views.  
This summer, DK will launch the DKfindout! brand in print, with six brand new DKfindout! books on key educational and high interest homework  topics for children aged 6-9. The new titles are: DKfindout! Ancient Rome, Solar System, Animals, Dinosaurs, Science and Volcanoes.
Each book is bursting with cool facts, amazing images, quizzes and key information bringing each topic to life. Throughout the process of making the new series, parents and educators have been asked for feedback and most importantly, children have been consulted to ensure the content is exactly right for the readership.
Not only are these books engaging and attention-grabbing, this innovative series will provide children with a unique learning experience when it comes to homework support. Each book has been designed in a way that allows readers to navigate their way through the content in a way that suits them, similar to how works. The graphics are fresh and simple and sit perfectly alongside new photography and illustrations. Traditional subjects have been made fun, exciting and inspirational, providing an alternative way for children to learn through the use of flaps, child friendly charts, quizzes, diagrams and exclusive interviews with key experts which give a first-person insight into each subject.
Sarah Larter, Publisher for DKfindout! says, “2016 marks the start of this new, exciting  series. We have 12 new titles planned for 2017 and will continue to grow the series further, creating a colourful library of pocket-money priced books on topics that children love. Not only will the series provide a huge offering to children looking for support and information on homework assignments, the DKfindout! series will help kids become experts on their favorite topics. The books are vibrant, shiny and glossy and not an inch of the inside pages or the cover is wasted.”
Titles coming in 2017: Stone Age, Sharks, Pirates, Ancient Egypt, Human Body, Earth, World War II and Amphibians and Reptiles.

DKfindout! Enjoyed by children, trusted by parents, recommended by teachers, made by DK.

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