Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Literature Ability Media International Award

Laura Summers has won the Literature Ability Media International Award run by Leonard Cheshire Disability and supported by Orange for her book, Desperate Measures.
The AMI Awards identify creativity that encourages a more inclusive world for disabled andmarginalised groups of people. Covering every aspect of the arts, the winners have beenchosen for producing work that positively represents, involves or assists people facing majorphysical, mental, emotional or social challenges.
Laura Summers who was chosen by the judges for her creative excellence received theaward at a ceremony held at London Studios on 21 November.
Laura Summers produced this critically acclaimed first novel so readers could understand andhopefully be more tolerant towards those seemingly “different” from themselves. Regarded bymany as "affecting, honest, and totally gripping" this tale of a pair of twins – one of whom wasbrain-damaged at birth – which follows their lives after they are told their foster parents can'tcope and the family will have to be split up, is both moving and totally life-affirming.
Laura Summers said: “It is an absolute honour to have won this amazing award, althoughcreating a fictional heroine with a learning disability didn't seem an unusual thing for me tochoose to do. I wanted to show what I have learnt over the years - that we're all individualsand whatever our abilities or disabilities, we all want and need the same things - family,friends, to be treated decently and to reach our potential - a life basically.”
Wayne Drew, Chairman of the Ability Media Creative Board, said: “Today’s winnersdemonstrate outstanding creativity and are all socially and culturally of the highest importanceand Laura Summers is a perfect example of this. Desperate Measures is destined to promotea more fair, just and inclusive society, for the benefit of us all.”
Jane Jutsum, Leonard Cheshire Disability Innovative Projects Director, said: “It is a particularhonour to recognise Laura Summers as a worthy winner. Desperate Measures is an inspiringtestament to how disabled people make the world a more inclusive and better place. We hopeto ensure that disabled people will be better represented in the media industry and have moreinfluence on society as a result.”
This award, designed to identify outstanding achievement is one of 25 categories who rewardexcellence across the creative industries. The Ability Media Centre, run by Leonard CheshireDisability is a state of the art facility in London providing courses in production and postproduction, animation, graphic design, music technology and interactive media.
Visit: www.amiawards.org, www.abilitymedia.org, Facebook; the Ability Media Centre and
Twitter; @AbilityMediaLCD

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