Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quentin Blake and Francois Place drawing duel

(photograph by Rosa Bianca)
The Children’s Book Show 2010 (http://www.childrensbookshow/) came to a triumphant end last night (17 November) with a sell out event at L'Institut Français, London. The popular event was also part of the Youth Festival.
Quentin Blake, the inaugural Children’s Laureate who has also been referred to as a ‘national institution’ and one of France’s most highly acclaimed illustrators illustrator Francois Place (best known in the UK for his illustrations for Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse) talked about their work, showing exquisite examples, and then treated an enthusiastic audience to an amazing drawing duel.
The artists took it in turns to transform each other’s drawings, keeping the audience guessing what would happen next. Much laughter later a splendid wordless story had been created on one sheet of paper. At the end of the show there was a round of applause when one young person asked the artists to do another drawing. The artists took up the challenge and picked up their pins, giving the audience another chance to see two masters of their craft at work.

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