Saturday, February 05, 2011

How to find out about new authors

this I think from a terrific indep. bookshop in New England (Northshire) goes to the heart of the problem:

With the impending bankruptcy of Borders, Barnes & Noble laying off 50 of its core buying staff, and indie bookstores continuing to be challenged ,it is clear that there will be many fewer new books on shelves across the country in the coming years. This brings up an interesting question - how will books be discovered in the future? According to new research by the Codex Group, over 28% of titles are discovered in bookstores. Add in communications and advertising from bookstores and the number is much higher (browsing internet booksellers was 6%). The impact of physical bookstores on book sales is larger than one would think in this digital age.So, as the bricks & mortar bookstores disappear or shrink, the big challenge for authors and publishers is how to get noticed. And the challenge for readers will be how to discover great new books. You just can't replace the serendipity of browsing in a well stocked store with fine booksellers making recommendations.

So support your local bookshop where and when you can.

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