Sunday, July 29, 2012

The World United new exhibition

On show will be original published artwork by Satoshi Kitamura from Japan, Shaun Tan and Robert Ingpen from Australia, Gennady Spirin from Russia, and Anglo-Indian born Nilesh Mistry. Closer to home we feature a host of truly great talent with Jan Pieńkowski of Polish origin, and both Val Biro and Victor Ambrus from Hungary.

Other Eastern European countries, with their strong and graphic illustration traditions, include Tomislav Tomic from the Czech Republic and Iassen Ghuiselev of Bulgaria. From Italy is work by Eva Montanari, Nicoletta Ceccoli from San Marino, Axel Scheffler of Germany, as well as Brian Wildsmith, long term resident in France.

Dick Bruna’s silk screens of Miffy bring strong Dutch colour to the mix.

The USA is represented by Maurice Sendak, Anita Lobel and Bagram Ibatouilline, and also by Lord of the Rings art director, Canadian born, John Howe. The highlight of the show is Niamh Sharkey from Ireland. Niamh has recently been crowned the Laureate na nƠg, (the children’s Laureate for Ireland), and we will be displaying a selection of her stunning paintings. This diverse exploration of the international artworks for illustrated books is educational as well as entertaining, and will appeal to a younger audience with an interactive display of the new e-book and

APP recently launched at the gallery by England’s Joseph Theobald.

First edition signed books from £5.99

Entrance is free and families are welcome.

Exhibition open from 26 July to 11 August at 22 Bury Street (just off Piccadilly), London SW1

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