Friday, July 23, 2010

The Book Factor

PHOTOGRAPH SMALL GROUP James Pybis (winner of the BOOK FACTOR Book Blurb Competition) and Luke Gates (winner of the BOOK FACTOR cover design competition)With Liverpool’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Hazel Williams, Jonathan Rigby, Liverpool’s Young Lord Mayor and author Alan Gibbons.
Liverpool’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Hazel Williams, and the Young Lord Mayor, Jonathan Rigby, congratulated pupils from schools across the Alt Valley area, Liverpool for taking part in THE BOOK FACTOR, an innovative project that got more than 500 Liverpool children involved in creating a story that they wanted to read.
The Lord Mayor asked the young people individually if they had enjoyed the competition and was delighted when they all replied “yes” . She told the audience that, while learning to read is important, the key to success is to enjoy reading for pleasure. “Enjoy it and you are half way there,” she said. She added that she was extremely proud of the pupils’ achievements and that in years to come they would still feel a sense of pride in their writing. One of her own greatest personal achievements, she said, had been when her poem, "Ghouls of Hillsborough", was selected for a poetry anthology to help remember those who had died in the Hillsborough tragedy and to recognise what the people of Liverpool did to help.
James Pybis was the winner of the Book Blurb competition and he also thought of the title, THE DYING PHOTO. Alan Gibbons turned James’ idea into a story and Barrington Stoke published THE DYING PHOTO on 14 July. Luke Gates won the jacket design competition, coming up with the perfect design for artist Dylan Gibson to use as the cover.

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