Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Puffin at 70 exhibition

Come to Seven Stories in Newcastle upon Tyne this summer and tell us, and everyone else, about your favourite Puffin book. Find out what inspires your favourite authors from Jeremy Strong andMichael Rosen to Anne Fine and Rick Riordan. Fill in your Puffin Passport and decide what you're going to read next. Email us pictures of your favourite places to read( or join our Facebook group by searching Seven Stories, the Centre for Children’s Books and upload your pictures there to see them displayed in the exhibition.There’s Nuffin Like a Puffin will be an exhibition for all the family, with a mix of special Seven Stories interactive activities. These include dressing up as Stig of the Dump and drawing cave paintings in his dump, creating your own Michael Rosen inspired poetryusing rhyming stepping stones, and making your own spells with Meg and Mog in a magical cauldron. Why not create report cards of the demi gods with Percy Jackson,and watch Eoin Colfer’s Fairies, Farts and Flatulence American tour exclusive to SevenStories! You can even make up a tune on Mr Big's piano whilst watching how Ed Vere puts his picture books together. Whatever your age there’s something for everyone inthis new Seven Stories exhibition.

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